Please use this link to access the Claims System.

Class Members who acquired Nevsun Shares on the TSX or other non-U.S. trading platforms during the Class Period, March 31, 2011 to and including February 6, 2012, and who held some or all of these securities at the close of trading on the TSX on February 6, 2012 are eligible for compensation and should file a claim using the Claims System.

The Claims System is used for all claim activities including:

  • Registering a claim to participate in the settlement.
  • Communicating with the Settlement Administrator with respect to a claim.
  • Editing and certifying a claim.
  • Uploading supporting documents to attach to a claim.
  • Preparing a Fax Cover Sheet to fax documents to attach to a claim.
  • Checking the status of a completed claim.

The deadline to register a claim and submit the Claim Package to the Settlement Administrator is March 16, 2015; no new claims can be filed after this deadline.

Click here to access the Claims System.


  • Adobe Acrobat is required to view and print documents. To download Adobe Acrobat, click here.
  • For further information about the claims process and the Plan of Allocation, click here.
  • If Nevsun shares were held or traded in more than one type of account (for example, a personal account, a joint account, and a retirement account), a separate claim must be made for each of these accounts.
  • If you are a broker with complete signing authority on the trading accounts of more than 25 Nevsun Class Members, please contact the Settlement Administrator for information about the Broker Electronic Claim (“BEC”) process.
  • Paper claim forms are available from the Settlement Administrator if a Class Member does not have access to a computer with Internet connectivity.